Mr. Sackett's extensive qualifications and training equip him to conduct several types of examinations. Each type of test described below requires slightly different experience, credentials and/or qualifications. Mr. Sackett's qualifications as a career law enforcement professional and expert witness make him an exceptional choice for criminal defense/attorney testing. In addition, his certifications and credentials allow him to conduct pre-employment examinations and post conviction sex offender examinations for law enforcement agencies. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line to let us know your particular needs.

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Polygraph Services in Phoenix, AZ

Law Enforcement Agency Support

  • Pre-employment  examinations
  • Investigative
  • Internal Affairs 
  • Reduced rates for law enforcement agencies

Criminal Defense/Attorney Testing

  • Criminal Allegations
  • Civil Cases
  • Family Disputes

Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT)

  • Post conviction sex offender testing for qualified agencies
  • Pricing varies depending on the type of examination

Private Examinations

Pricing and availability may vary.

Private Investigations

High risk behavior resolution.

Pricing and availability may vary.

Offsite Testing

Examinations may be conducted at appropriate offsite locations. Additional fees may apply.

From the Examiner: How does polygraph work?

Jim Sackett, MA

 Polygraph, also known as a lie detector examination, is a medico-logical process of collecting data from the human body. Generally there are three components associated with the protocol: the first is a set of two convoluted tubes placed on the chest and stomach of the examinee. These components monitor respiration behavior. The second component is comprised of either metal plates or sticky pads which are attached to the fingers looking for activation of sweat gland activities. The third component is a blood pressure cuff placed on the arm, usually the left, which is inflated during the examination and held steady while monitoring relative blood volume and relative blood pressure. 

A polygraph examiner then looks for any natural changes that occur within the body which effect these three monitored areas of bodily reaction. The autonomic response is the key and occurs when the body attempts to defend itself during cognitive dissonance in the development of lies. This is similar to the feeling you get when you are driving and enter a radar zone where police are monitoring you. Once all test questions are asked and answers are provided, a polygraph examiner will compare the reactions to the various types of questions looking for any consistent and significant reactions to the relevant test questions. These reactions are subsequently graded and assigned a numerical value, and based on researched cutoff scores, a score of pass or fail is assigned. An effective lie detector test requires the examiner to ask the right questions, collect the right data, and make the right observations in a controlled, distraction-free environment.


Now Accepting New Clients

 New clients are welcome. Most testing can be completed for $300 - $600 with significant discounts for established law enforcement agencies. Please contact us to discuss pricing and scheduling availability. 

Note of Caution

Your test is important! Private examiner prices vary. Often the old adage, "You get what you pay for" applies. Before hiring an examiner, check and verify his or her qualifications. 

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